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Skechers Lyrics

Skechers Lyrics - DripReport: We will show you the lyrics of Dripreport's latest song Skechers from an unknown album. The song was released on 11 January 2020 on all popular streaming platforms including YouTube.

Skechers Lyrics

Shawty bad with the Skechers on
Wanna hold your hand, make you my girl
Light up light up Skechers
Light up light up my world (x2)

I like your Skechers
You like me my Gucci shoes
I'll buy you a purse only if you show me your b**bs

I like your Skechers, you like me too
Bring your friends all of us in the pool
Bad Lil b*tch all my drip make her drool
Brand new whip come and sit in the coupe

I just wanna make you mine
Hop inside the ride
Nina by my side promise you it's all be fine

About the song

Song Name: Skechers
Singer/Band: DripReport
Language: English
Released on: 11 January 2020
Song director: Not Known
Video Song producer:  Not Known
Music Producer: OUHBOY
Music Label: Not known
Album: Unknown
Song Duration: 1 minute 49 second

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